I'am currently Product and Design Director at MATSUKO Holographic communication.
The world’s first Holographic Presence app requiring just a Smartphone,
supported by Leading Telcos as the premier Holographic solution for 5g.  Press release

I was UX Director for 2 years at Ubisoft where I achieved the conception of an innovative experience on Console, Mobile and Web for the one of most important game of the company.
I evangelized and spread across team my design sprint methodology I learned with Aj&Smart and Jake Knapp. I had to modify some workshops to fit the Ubisoft needs but at the end people were engaged and happy to work with this new way of thinking.
Step by step, iteration after iteration I convinced C-level but also design and dev teams of the principle of design iteration.
As an expert in Sketch, Adobe XD, Figma and Webflow for responsive design website I also created a totally new design workflow that will produce fast prototypes for user testings and kills many frustrations between Dev teams, C-level and Designers.
From users journey to wireframes augmented by strong interaction and interface design, I can personally do every steps of the creation.
I will be thrilled to chat further more about my motivation and discover more about your project.

Work Experiences
Product & Design Director MATSUKO Holographic : Currently
MATSUKO is the only real-time holographic meeting app for the METAVERSE.
Available for XR headset Microsoft HoloLens, Meta Quest, iPhones and Android.
SXSW winner and backed by Orange, Vodafone, Qualcomm and Facebook Meta.
After being Head of Design and was promoted as Product Director to guide the company to users experience excellence.

Facilitate workshop’s with CEO’s to improve company vision.
Convert CEO’s vision (why) to Product Strategy (how) and actionable plan (what).
Define and write jobs description to hire the best candidates with HR and CEO’s.
Candidates interview sessions with high-end experts (UI / UX, Unity, UR, Business dev).
Regular direction and feedback to encourage talent progression, autonomy and ownership.
Trust management and human well being over process and performance.

Agile SQUAD Management of world class international UX, UI, UR, Devs, QA.
Convert product strategy in features or impact roadmaps with Business Team.
Define quarter, monthly and sprint goals in Jira, Confluence, Miro with PM and CEO’s.
Evangelise « Lean startup » mindset, Conception (LAB), Production (Delivery).
Set and Review Team’s and feature’s KPI to track progression and momentum.

Audit, analyse, define, spread UX strategy for the Company.
Add user knowledge as a mandatory step in Development and Business funnel. (AARRR)
Illustrate design ideas using storyboards, process flows and sitemaps. Miro.
Direction of the Design. Design system in Figma. VR  Prototype’s with shape XR and Unity.

Define Lean UX Pipeline and Process from R&D, Conception to Production.
Conduct user research and test, develop wireframes and task flows based on user needs.
Prepare and present user insights to internal teams and key stakeholders to improve product.
UX Director Ubisoft 2019 : 2021
• Define vision of the experience of a multi-modal eco-system (Console, mobile, Web, Live). • Storyboards experience maps with persona’s user journey to highlight opportunities.
• Facilitate Design Sprints with C-levels and designers to create maximum insights.
• Prototype UX/UI interactive HD concepts with Sketch, Figma and Adobe XD.
• Iterate with user datas from focus group, user research, analytics and weekly user tests.
 Ux designer Raja Pack 2018
• Audit the Digital Factory’s design process to highlight production’s pain points.
• Adapt and Facilitate weekly Design Sprint with multi-disciplinary teams and squads. • Operate Story Mapping and create wire flows of the persona experience on Sketch. • Weekly demo enhanced by user testing reports to get stakeholders feedbacks.
UX/UI Boston Consulting Group (BCG) 2017
Improving the BCG’s strategic recommendation for Pernod Ricard by designing a concept of a Luxurious e-commerce that focus on social live event and prestigious content.
UX/UI concept with Art Direction with Sketch/Craft and Invision.
UX/UI e-cinema.com 2016
• Taking brief from the CEO to design the new digital cinema experience.
• Creating responsive website (UX/UI) concept with Webflow to communicate to investors.
Digital Creative Director LE FIGARO Group 2010-2015
Founder and Manager of the in-house Digital Agency (UX/UI) that vision to bring the best reading and viewing experience of news, economics, sport and lifestyle stories on any device (Web, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, tablet)
Co-creating with the brand content team amazing ad experience for Dior, Channel, L’Oréal.

Education & Qualifications
Design Sprint Workshop with Jake Knapp 2019
I had the opportunity and privilege to meet the author of the New York time best seller « SPRINTS » for a full day workshop and encounter.
I got straight from the source valuable expertise and advice to be a better facilitator.
Design Sprint Online Masterclass AJ&Smart 2019
• Having Design Sprint expertise means having the skills to guide a group of people through a series of exercises that lead them to a decisive, actionable solution to a problem. This masterclass is a reference for any facilitator.
Design Sprint Bootcamp in Berlin AJ&Smart 2018
• I invested early into AJ&Smart bootcamp to get all the advice and philosophy of running and facilitating great design sprints for my clients and stakeholders. I jumped into a plan straight to Berlin to learn from the best design agency. Keep learning and keep growing every day!
Final Cut Pro Apple Certification 2008
• This certification allows me to create stunning videos about my prototypes to communicate my ideas to stakeholders, client or dev teams. Some of those videos was presented to user focus group or user test to gather quantitative feedbacks about strategic design decision.
Digital Director Certificat L’Ecole Multimedia PARIS IV 2000
• A 1 year certification with intense course in Adobe Creative Suite. • Logo types, artistique direction and typography.
• Front (HTML,JS), 3D rendering and animation.
University diploma of technology IUT de Marne la Vallée 1999
• Service Network and Communication • Front dev (Html, CSS, JS)
• Design of typography and layout
High school degree science Lycée Charles de Gaulle 1997
• Physics chemistry
• Active member of the 3D modeling club.

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