I created and facilitate this design sprint as UX director to help the Game Design team to kickoff the Multi-player mode in Just Dance Console. 

Watch the video of our team journey in the design sprint experience.

Benchmark Session with the Design Team
Result of the Benchmark session with the Game design team to find inspiration for the new welcome page of JustDance. Each member of the session had 30 minutes to research screen shot and 5 minutes pitch in front of all members to explain why the inspiration they found was valuable to fix our challenge. 
Sketching session with the Design Team for avatar and virtual goods
Here you can see the Avatar system sketches from different designer to explore solution. We can see how the avatar can be customise with virtual goods to support the game economy.
Prototype Low fidelity
Result of the design phase we create a quick prototype to show how the UI can expose the avatar to user and community. This low fidelity can be shown during qualitative interview to gather attitudinal feedback from the target. Insight collected will support design and business decisions.

The 3D concept

The wireframe in Adobe XD

User test session with Mid Fi Prototype at Ubisoft User research Lab
I collaborated with User Researchers and UR PM to set User test session objectif and protocole.
We ran qualitative usability test with 5-6 selected target at the User Research LAB in Montreuil.
Final Product release November 25 2022
Discover after 2 years of development the result with the shipped version of our workshops. 

The shipped version with nice UI. 

How I created Mind Map of the all the Just Dance Experience
The challenge is to keep consistency in the UX system and keep track of different personas and journey experience. This mind-map was done quick to ensure the stability of the system.

 Journey map for Personae Multiplayer

Design Sprint Crew (Groupe) System with Dance World
I facilitate a Design Sprint with 10 designers (frame, content, UX). A sprint of 4-5 from Scope to Prototype. It was presented to the Just Dance Core Team and at the kick-off meeting.

The Wireframe Low def concept done in Few hours 

The UI Mid-Hih Def for the User Test

User test with the UI prototype Run By User Research Lab

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