Below You can see only 10% of all UX strategy and Design as I respect NDA with Ubisoft. Please contact me for questions.

The final product !  Scroll down to discover the UX methodology that started the conception

Richard's efficiency and pro-activity are amazing.
Hiring Richard in the world of Ubisoft video games was a bet that I’m so happy to have taken: within a few weeks, he helped us make a giant leap in our conception: animating pluri-disciplinary workshops, prototyping fast, iterating with each stakeholder, always in a good mood, he helped our production team to build our future offer, adapted to each consumer need and device, as well as new digital trends. His efficiency and pro-activity are amazing. I truly recommend Richard to bring innovation to life! 

The Core Team (Creative, Game, Marketing Directors, Customer Knowledge manager and The Executive producer) watching the solutions sketches...

Richard did not only improve our product, it has also set new standards for our own processes.
I had the privilege of working with Richard on a very creative and innovative project, and I can say without hesitation that his contribution was a game changer.

Coming from outside the videogame industry on a project that seeks a grand renewal and that sorely lacked UX, Richard did not have an easy task, but his rapid iterative methods and rigorous work ethics did not only improve our product, it has also set new standards for our own processes.

Richard is a very efficient and deals amazingly with feedback. His method revolves around quick and structured results, triggering constructive conversations, and leading to constant iterations and growth. His communication skills are exemplary (especially in French), always backed by visual aids and prototypes to help understanding.

I sincerely think Richard is a great addition to any team and that he will surely make a difference on any project he works on.

Maxime Montcalm, Game Director Ubisoft Just Dance

The beautiful set up I did with the help of a very dedicated assistant.

Richard a une grande capacité à leader des projets et les rendre concrets rapidement. Ses connaissances et sa très grande implication font toute la difference. Un vrai professionnel de l'UX design et des methodes agiles.

Cross discipline collaboration in my best reward.

Un grand plaisir que d’avoir travaillé avec Richard. Efficace, ingénieux, optimiste, à l’écoute. C’est un one-man army qui peut vous résoudre vos problématiques design en moins de deux 😊
Matthew Tomkinson Creative Director Ubisoft Just Dance ex UX director Ghost Recon

The Core team clustering How Might We question : Current Pain Point on the experience.

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